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Suzie Louise Woodhead


East Fremantle


When words are not enough the creative process of Art Therapy becomes a language. Externalising thoughts and feelings, using various art mediums and materials, and in exploring the artwork together as client and therapist, this process allows for a person to see things from a different perspective, to gain insight to their lives and a greater understanding of self.


Art Therapy offers many benefits to all people. The expressive, sensory and insightful nature of art making and art therapy can

  • improve wellbeing

  • reduce stress and anxiety

  • develop & manage behaviours

  • improve creativity & imagination

  • explore boundaries

  • improve physical co-ordination & motor skills

  • enhance left and right brain awareness

  • assist in times of life transitions

  • identify and clarify issues and concerns

  • develop healthy coping skills     

  • improve focus and direction

  • open up new possibilities

  • increase self esteem and awareness

  • allow for personal, spiritual growth and self empowerment


I am a qualified Art Therapist with an Advanced Diploma in Transpersonal Art Therapy through the Ikon Institute of Australia.

I am a keen artist and yoga enthusiast which I feel complements my art therapy skills. I am passionate about the therapeutic power of art therapy in its gentle approach to make sense of the human condition and allow for healing.

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